What circumstances will allow you to include your school loan in your bankruptcy.

Every year, millions of students are convinced to take on student loans with promises of huge salaries upon graduation, but often the reality is a bit different and these same students are left with an enormous debt and little or no means of repayment. Indeed, these debts can last for decades.

Millions cannot afford to repay their student loan, some may think that filing chapter 13 can be done with your school loan but it is not 9 out of 10 times. Now what circumstances may allow you to include your school debt into your bankruptcy?

The very rare exception is when one can show at the time of the bankruptcy that the debt created by the student loans is going to create an unreasonable burden to the debtor and that the debtor will never be able to make payments, often because of a disability or other circumstance beyond the debtor’s control. Absent that, the debts to federal student loan companies are exempted from bankruptcy and will not be discharged. If you believe you are in such a situation contact Firebaugh & Andrews are these circumstances are very rare and there is only one way to find out, call us now for your free consultation 734-722-2999.

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