3 things to avoid when being sued by a debt collector in Michigan.

1) Never give creditors access to your bank account.

Now here is one we get calls all the time from a potential client to say well they said they would only take X amount out, then you check your bank account and instead of $200 gone they took $1200, now its your word versus their word, good luck ever getting that money back.

2) What can creditors take and not take?

Here is a law that you must be aware of and why its SO important to hire a professional like Firebaugh & Andrews to make sure you are not taken advantage of. This law is to protect those that are either on disability or SSI. Your benefits are EXEMPT from from seizure protected by federal laws. Now this is not automatic you MUST make the creditors your bank aware that your deposits in your account (the income) is from your disability or SSI payment. We have seen cases of unscrupulous debt collectors grabbing your cash, if they do take it again good luck getting your money back.

3) Never ignore lawsuits.

The majority of lawsuits that are filed end up in default judgment because the consumer never shows up. The biggest thing we hear from consumers is, ‘I can’t afford a lawyer and, gosh, I did have a Visa or a MasterCard at some point, so I don’t have any defense.’ Yes, you do. You have a defense based on who’s suing you. If it’s the original creditor, like a Citibank, it’s one story; but, if it’s a junk debt buyer, a bottom feeder, it’s a different story altogether.

You can see how important it is to hire a professional to make sure your protected, Call Firebaugh & Andrews for your free consultation 734-722-2999