Do I Have to List All My Credit Cards in my Bankruptcy?

The Bankruptcy Code requires a debtor to treat all like creditors alike. This means  you cannot chose to list some creditors in a bankruptcy while keeping other creditors out of the bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code requires a debtor to list all creditors or people they owe money to in the bankruptcy.

However, if you have a zero balance on a credit card at the time you file the bankruptcy then that particular company is not a current creditor of yours because you do not owe them any money. Therefore, you are not required to list them as a creditor in your bankruptcy.

However, just because you do not list a particular credit card does not necessarily mean you can keep using that account. Credit card agreements almost always have provisions that allow the credit card company to close the account in the event of a bankruptcy or may close or suspend an account for any other reason permissible by law.  So even though you do not list a particular credit card on your bankruptcy if they discover you have filed a bankruptcy (and they do have ways of checking for bankruptcy filings) they may close your account.

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