Can you file Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Without Full Fee ?

t is possible to file bankruptcy without paying the attorney fee in full. Generally, the attorney fee must be paid in full prior to filing the bankruptcy. This is because any fee owing at the time the bankruptcy is filed is discharged. Sometimes a client needs to file bankruptcy immediately due to an emergency such as a utility shut-off, garnishment or property seizure. In those cases it is possible for the attorney to file a case and bifurcate his services.

Firebaugh & Andrews in this case will provide certain services such as an emergency bankruptcy petition filing for a set fee. The client will then need to sign a second retainer for the attorney to provide additional services such as completion of the schedules and representation at the creditor’s examination. If you are facing an emergency situation which requires the immediate filing of a bankruptcy petition but do not have the full fee required to file the case, this option should be explored.

In filing Ch 13, it is not necessary to pay the attorney fee in full. Often times the attorney can file the case for the filing fee of $331.00 . The Firebaugh & Andrews can provide for the remainder of his fees to be paid through the Ch 13. In such a case the attorney is essentially accepting zero down towards his fee to file the case. This is often helpful for clients who are facing serious financial problems and need quick relief.

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